Brian Thompson IMDB | Site

Having slugged, kicked, and chopped his way through the last two decades of action adventure stars, Brian now brings to the screen an arsenal full of punch lines pointedly aimed at the aforementioned action genre. Personally having traded blows with most of these celebrities, (Stallone, Schwarzenneger, Willis, Norris, Van Damme, etc.) Brian has been an in-their-face witness to the on and off-camera escapades of most all of the action flick icons. Some very ripe fodder has gathered in the cannon that blasts Vardell and his Duseldorfing friends to the silver screen. The Extendables is also Brian’s directing debut. more...


Gary Graham IMDB | Site

is no stranger to facing forces insurmountable. Having fought epic battles in Alien Nation, Star Trek and Robot Jox , squaring off with Vardell Duseldorfer, is possibly Gary ’s greatest challenge. He portrays the scheming first time producer, Dick Burton, who is making an action Sci Fi epic, “Hard Time on Mars”. To make matters more desperate, Burton has funded this “Hard Time” with a loan on his house. With his future and security riding on Vardell's sobriety, Burton has moved beyond desperation, discarding values and ethics, in his quest to get “my film” in the can.


Kevin Sorbo

The legendary hero chooses some thoughtful words for our favorite expendable actor.

Marisa Ramirez IMDB

is our damsel in distress and heroine, in “Hard Time on Mars.” Marisa lends much beauty, grace and charm to the role of Maria, who patiently navigates the sudden twists of Vardell’s, tempestuous whims. She harbors no illusions about her job, the kind of film she is making, and what she must do as a good team member, to help keep Vardell happy.

Mark Dacascos IMDB | Site

(THE IRON CHEF,) has portrayed action adventure heroes in a hefty number of films, including The Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Crow, and Only The Strong. Mark, who has often hewn his portrayal with a sword (or frying pan), is now making a mark with his pen as Ray, our writer, who is asked to chuck his artistic integrity and pen the impossible.

Ian Patrick Williams IMDB
portrays the knighted British actor – Sir Jeffrey. He is the sage narrator of this story, relaying the events with wisdom and clarity. His on set role, forces him into literal confrontation with the seemingly mad Vardell. Even Sir Jeffrey’s wise, enlightened character is in for a few surprises. On the smaller screen, on the hit show “Lost,” Ian has been enshrined as the scientist who created the elusive and inexplicable “Dharma Project.”

Lee Garlington IMDB

is probably the most employed actor in Hollywood. Her resume boasts over 150 credits with almost as many different characters. As the role of “Paint” in The Extendables, she is the grounded voice of reason. Paint endeavors to understand the motivation of Vardell’s behavior, in poetic terms. Not an easy task, when Vardell continues to achieve the unexplainable.

Michelle Lawrence




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